Our Services

Corporate Affairs

Determining the right business structure is a critical step in creating a successful business. Entrepreneurs can choose from multiple business structures. The investors have to decide if they want to keep the business private in the future, or they plan to go public. In addition, they will have to decide if they will privately fund the business, or they will have partners. Having a good attorney protects the business from legal implications. Business law serves as a way to maintain order among businesses, brands, and companies alike. They protect the rights of the company, and of the people who work there, as well as help to establish a certain standard for how things should be managed.

Real Estate Cases

YAB LEGAL GROUP displays a powerful team of lawyers who have insightful knowledge about the market pulse. We are offering services in tune with the recently enacted real estate laws on registration strata, mortgages, escrow accounts, and wide range of real estate activities such as sale purchase agreements, rental disputes and also gives meaningful advice on do’s and don’ts of property purchase in UAE and the remedies available to the investors and developers in case of cancellation and other circumstances of real estate project etc.
Another peculiarity of our team is that we have access to all levels of authorities such as court of first instance (Real estate Courts), appeal, cassation, Legal Department, Rental Dispute Settlement Committee, International Arbitration Centre etc.
We generally recommend that filing a claim with the courts is a last resort for solving real estate disputes so as to save money and time. Motto of Yab Legal Group is nothing but ‘’the best interest of our clients‘’.

Family Matters

At YAB Legal Group, we have years of combined experience in contesting all categories of cases relating to Family Law. We understand that family matters relating to contentious issues being decided in Family Courts are sensitive and at times painful. The importance of an experienced and skilled family lawyer who has to prepare your case & protect your rights cannot be overlooked.
Our family law advocates are ready to come to your aid over a wide range of issues.

Civil Law

Civil Law is the legal system that pertains to the persons, things and the private relations among the members of a community. It’s a well-organized comprehensive system of rules with a clear explanation of rights and duties.
At YAB LEGAL Group we represent clients with civil law issues and provide a range of comprehensive legal services. Our team of expert civil lawyers and advisers look into matters from contractual disputes, real estate properties and land disputes.
YAB LEGAL Group guarantees that its client’s legal expectations in their contractual relations will be implemented and well-thought-of, because they trust firmness and consistency.
We avoid doubt, suspicion or any kind of uncertainty and ambiguity in the contracts of our clients. Our well-experienced lawyers and legal consultants are the ones to take care of matters related to civil law


YAB Legal Group is a trusted and reputable legal firm that specializes in providing comprehensive assistance to clients facing cybercrime-related issues. When clients seek assistance with cybercrime matters, YAB Legal Group deploys a team of skilled attorneys with expertise in cyber law, digital forensics, and technology. The firm’s attorneys work closely with clients to thoroughly assess their unique situations, identify potential vulnerabilities, and develop a tailored strategy to address their specific needs.
YAB Legal Group’s services cover a wide range of cybercrime issues, including but not limited to hacking, identity theft, data breaches, cyber fraud, online harassment, and intellectual property theft. The firm assists clients in initiating and navigating investigations, collaborating with law enforcement agencies and forensic experts to gather evidence, and building strong legal cases.

Intellectual Property

Intelectual property is an area prone to conflicts. An often mis-understood sector, our intellectual property litigation experience extends from patents, copyright and trademark infringement to those involving trade secrets, counterfeiting, advertising, e-commerce and more. With broad experience in all areas of Intellectual Property Law, we help our clients identify and secure their intellectual property rights, providing ongoing support and representation regarding both online and offline matters for personal matters as well as within the corporate sector.


When a dispute arises, representation that achieves a positive, time efficient and cost-effective outcome is required. We are experts in handling all aspects of insurance disputes, claims and coverage issues against major insurance corporations and individuals where we have vigorously defended claims made against insurer. These claims have ranged from excessive and unnecessary medical treatment and/or fraudulent appearing bodily injury and property damage claims. A range of complex issues often arise when dealing with Insurance Law and our team is well experienced in resolving any matter regardless of the the nature and complexity involved.

Defence In Criminal Cases

The office provides the services of defending clients from the stage of cruel action. We also represent plaintiffs in claiming compensation in criminal action for those aggrieved by various crimes. Consequently, our modern term of crimes include the following: Physical violence, Domestic Violence, Crimes against dignity of any being, Financial crimes, such as money laundering, loan fraud, Drug trafficking, possession and consumption, Sexual crimes, Murder or attempt to murder, Kidnapping, abduction, assault or any threat, Theft, robbery, burglary or trespassing, Cyber offenses, Consumption of Alcohol whilst driving or without license.

General Legal Services

Our Offering

At YAB LEGAL GROUP, it is the standard that every mandate is tabled, discussed in detail and solutions are reached at top management meetings. Thereafter, an aggressive Litigation Team (LT) is constituted to review and deal decisively with the issues identified within a specified time frame. Every mandate is assigned to an Update Officer (UO) that has the responsibility of following up with the Litigation team and periodically updating the client.
It is also the standard at YAB LEGAL GROUP that biweekly meetings are held where legal briefs, recovery mandates and cases are discussed, experiences are shared and further solutions are generated and documented.
YAB LEGAL GROUP adopts a total approach to legal matters and case management.
YAB LEGAL GROUP will conduct all legal issues and matter by employing proven and innovative analytical strategies using state-of-the-art information technology tools.
Once a legal mandate is secured, YAB LEGAL GROUP would carry out a detailed evaluation of the clients case, claims and defence
Thereafter, YAB LEGAL GROUP would provide a forensic report, proffer an expert opinion on the chances of matter and the best strategic option to be pursued, many of which would be purely innovative solutions.